The coaches of Direct Impact Golf are all here to guide you to a better game. We are not here to fit you into a mold or a “new swing”. We are here to help you find YOUR game and enjoy playing golf. Everyone has different goals, availability, and knowledge; we want to work with you to reach your goals at your pace. We all love what we do. We will never stop learning, growing, and finding ways to help people love this crazy game the way we do. Our mission and commitment is to help you have fun, enjoy the game, and become a better golfer, person, and teammate. We want to help you become your own legend.


Adults & Juniors

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Our Tech & Facility

Chipping, Putting, and Full Swing all under one roof!
Don't let the weather get in your way of your practice!!

Full Swing Bays

4 Full size Hitting Bays powered by Foresight Sports GC 3 and GC Quad. Get accurate swing data including club speed, ball speed, distances, club path, face angle and more.  Play at one of the dozens of courses online or dial in your numbers on the virtual driving range.

Foresight Sports and GC4 Launch Monitor and Swing Catalyst Video Software powered bays

1200 sqft putting green w/ Puttview

Puttview lets players and coaches create any putting scenario indoors to see real results out on the course. It instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly onto the green and tracks your performance in real-time to provide actionable feedback. Used by top professionals like Bryson Dechambeu to improve their putting game, if you’re into technology this is the top of the line when it comes to tech and putting!!! 

Dedicated chipping area separate from Puttview putting green. We at DIG strongly believe that understanding the importance of the short game is a key in lowering your score! Your score will drastically make a difference once you truly grasp the essence of the short game and our facility and coaching will help you achieve that goal.

Largest PuttView in Texas and the only public use PuttView in DFW

DIG Junior Golf Academy

Kids DIG it!

DIG Junior Golf Academy has programming for every age and skill level with focus on fundamental skills, USGA Rules of Golf, and etiquette in a structured, informative, and fun learning environment. Skills testing, goal setting, and a comprehensive ranking system pushes students to strive to improve their game and have fun while competing with their friends. DIG Junior Golf Academy is a great way for junior golfers to learn and keep the future of golf bright. 

Foresight Fairgrounds Balloon Pop Game